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Drama Goat..or..That REALLY Hurt!!

Drama Goat .. or ..That REALLY Hurt !! (Unedited Version)

Little Squirt is NOT happy it is taking so long to get her bottle ready!

Singing Goats (Large File - takes a while to load)

I Love Lucy!!

Lucy and her newborns - 2010

Taking A Tumble

I Want My Mommy

Belle and her newborns - 2007

Lucy and her newborns - 2007

Belle's 2007 babies at 4 days old

Lucy's 2007 babies at 8 days old

Winston eating a leaf

Let Me Help You With Your Coat

What IS That in My Barnyard?

Playful Kids

Heidi Dancing

Skye Blue Hopping

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Cheryl and Todd Weber
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